Why One Giving Tree?


Why we do it...

While it's easy to rationalize that a Christmas tree won't change the world, it is also easy for us to make a connection between a child's hopes and dreams and their ability to overcome obstacles in their lives. The holiday season is a time where feelings of not fitting in, of not measuring up, run high.

Something many take for granted - something as simple as a Christmas tree to fill a home with festive sights and scents, can make the difference of a child feeling "normal" verses feeling left out, left behind, and alone.

Many children in this circumstance often suffer silently. In some cases, the lack of something as simple as a tree can be a reminder of just how tough life is. Studies show that children who grow up poverty are less likely to do well in school, attend college, or contribute to their communities as adults. 

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We don't accept that this is just the way it is.


We feel that something as simple as a tree to grace a home during the holidays can make the difference between a tough childhood and one filled with warm memories and moments of joy. If we can do that for a child, that child might have a better chance at a happy and fulfilled life.


And besides, if you realized that you had the power to change a child's tears and feelings of loneliness to laughter and feelings of joy, wouldn't you want to at least try?


We might be nuts. However, we choose to rationalize that if we can help a child make that kind of change, then just maybe one tree can change the world. 



“She told us this was the first time she and her two high school aged daughters ever had a tree for Christmas. She was in tears.”

— One Giving Tree


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