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One Giving Tree Started With a Problem...

In the winter of 2014, a local business group was offered ten free trees for a Christmas event they were organizing. The event was to be held on the same evening that was expected to be the start of the worst storm in years. Because the event was in a public place, the trees would need to be cut down across town, cleaned up, delivered, set up on the site of the event, and decorated all in the space of a couple hours.

Then, after the 3 hour event, the trees would have to be de-decorated, taken down, removed from the event venue, and disposed of the same night. After going over the logistics involved, the gift of the ten free trees looked like a problem too big to solve rather than the blessing it was intended to be.  The group decided to pass up the offer. Or, at least most of the group...

One man saw the trees as an opportunity to provide ten local families in need with a free tree for Christmas. As the group was deciding to pass on the trees, this man was planning to make the most of what he saw as a way to spread some joy. He spoke up and became the recipient of ten trees. He just had to go cut them down, haul them around town, and find some families who could take them. 


In the space of two and a half weeks, a fundraising campaign was launched, local non-profit agencies were contacted, volunteers were found and roped into helping, and negotiations for more trees ensued. In the end, what started out as a problem became a drive that placed 36 trees into homes of local families.  In short, One Giving Tree was established. 

In the weeks following delivery day, we began to hear stories of local kids and families who had never before had a Christmas tree. There were tears of joy. There were kids and families who couldn't believe someone could think of bringing them a tree for Christmas. People were blown away.

As we began to hear the stories, we were blown away too.

From now on, each and every year One Giving Tree - with your help, will deliver trees, stands, and decorations kits to local kids and families throughout the communities we serve.


In 2016 our goal was 100 tree kits. We delivered 112.


In 2017 our goal was to deliver 150 trees. We delivered 162.


In 2018 our goal was 200 trees - thanks mostly to Debbi Sanchez pushing us to do more. Man, she must think Christmas trees grow on trees. Okay, she's right about that.


Faced with new challenges like a massive tree shortage throughout the western US, and the mid-year news that our tree supplier was not able to produce the trees we needed. We pushed on. By October we still had no trees we could count on. We continued to make several phone calls to every state in the Western US and barked up every tree we could. In mid November, we had a commitment of 250 trees from McKenzie Farms in Oregon. They helped us place a special order through our local Lowe's (#gilroylowesrocks) and we somehow got it done. 


We overcame challenges of increased costs, lots extra volunteer hours, insane logistics, and creatively solving new opportunities (We STILL call them opportunities, LOL). On December 1st, 2018 we delivered 252 tree kits to local kids and their families via our nonprofit partner agencies. Most importantly, the trees were absolutely beautiful. 


For 2019 our goal... because we still have Debbi running things, is 300 trees. We're guessing our final number will be higher. We're still in the middle of a tree shortage, and as of September 2019 we still do not have a confirmed order or price for trees. We are also way behind on our ornament count... as in, way behind.


Did I mention we call problems opportunities? We do. And one way or another, we will meet and exceed our goal of 300 tree kits. It goes without saying that we would not be able to do anything if not for our incredible friends, supporters and donors, our amazing volunteers, and the Gilroy Foundation who is the best fiscal partner we could ever hope for.


Stay tuned! We are onto another exciting year focused on making the holidays brighter for local kids and their families! 

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Meet Our Team - Board Members and Awesome Volunteers!

Mike Sanchez - Founder & Chief Kid at He

Mike - Founder and Chief Kid at Heart 408-857-4794

Debbi Sanchez - The Brains of the Bunch

Deb - the Brains of the Bunch Executive Director 408-857-4795

Diana Sanchez Bentz

Diana - the Boss Lady Secretary and Treasurer

Nayeli Ceja and the Beto

Nayeli - we take no prisoners Board Member

Toni diaz - Social Butterfly

Toni - Social Media Queen Board Member

OGT A Team 2018

We perfected the system and received perfect trees from McKenzie Farms, helping us to complete 250 trees in 3.5 hours. Done!

OGT 2017 a Team

We climbed hills, packed trees, loaded trucks, trimmed trees, attached stands, and sent them on their way to make the holidays brighter for 112 local homes!

sierra, Julie, Tailwagger Crew

These gals ran the place and got everything organized in record time. We don't keep time records so I can say it was in record time.

Kelly, Ari & Company

The two Tailwaggers brought family and friends and made light work out of mountains of ornaments and bags of... well, bags! awesome community leaders!

Patchen Tree Farms Finest

Miguel chopped down 112 trees in less than an hour. Then he went back to work! The guy is a machine!

Jonathan and Brock - Lumberjacks

These two were instrumental in the early years of One Giving Tree. Brock was a one man wrecking crew and Jonathan was a tree hauling, marketing, idea man. One Giving Tree owes you both a world of thanks!

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