What we do

It's a pretty simple.

We provide Christmas trees.

Can one tree change the world? An audacious proposal.


We know that if we live by our credo; "Making the holidays brighter" anything is possible. We also know that a home without a tree at Christmas time can be a reminder of how tough life is.


We believe that a home filled with the sights and scents of a Christmas tree during the holidays is a reminder that life isn't so bad, that we belong, and there is hope. We believe a tree can create a sense of wonder, and a little magic. 


A sense of belonging. A sense that life isn't so bad. A sense of wonder. These are the building blocks of confidence and success. We believe that for some kids, that's all it takes to change their world. That's where the real magic happens.


Imagine what the future holds for a former "at-risk" kid who can recall great memories of childhood holidays. Imagine the opportunities available to that young adult, filled with confidence and a sense of belonging - instead of despair. Imagine what hope and an expectation of great things - in himself, in her abilities, in their potential and their future, can do for that person... for our community... and beyond.


Can one tree change the world? Absolutely. 

We provide Christmas trees.

Its pretty simple. 

Help Kids

We cannot fulfill our mission without you.


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you can help make the holidays brighter for local kids and their families. 

Our goal for 2019 is to provide 300 tree kits, and we can't do it without you!

We estimate our

efforts will impact

600 to 700 kids and their parents this holiday season!

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300 trees, ornaments, tree stands, and hydration kits... No problem, right?

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Happier Holidays

Something as simple as a tree can make a huge difference in the life of a child, a parent, or a young adult who is barely getting by.  


Happier holidays make for great memories. These memories can build confidence and a sense of belonging.

We believe this so much we have committed to providing 300 trees in 2019.

Here's to a happy year and even happier holidays!