What Can One Tree Do?

It is my sincere hope that 2017 has been a fantastic year for you personally and professionally thus far. The year has not been without it's challenges. However, and as a testament to perseverance - we all find ways to continue on, moving ever closer to our dreams and goals. Here's to you, and here's to all of us!

Speaking of goals - it is with great humility and gratitude I share with you that we not only met our goal of 100 Christmas trees in 2016, but we surpassed it by 15 trees!

To recap our journey; in early December we learned that our two major vendors were not able to help us for 2016. That meant we had no trees and no tree stands. Christmas was getting closer, and our delivery day was just days away. Not to be deterred, we panicked. I suppose like anyone would... for about ten minutes. Then we went into our two-minute drill - which has been far too regular an occurrence the past few years.

We scrambled and cast a wide net to find another way to locate and procure our trees. Just a few days before our scheduled delivery date, we succeeded. We found a new local partner who not only had the trees available, but also had a supply of environmentally friendly tree stands. Jim Beck of Patchen Christmas Tree Farm and Summit Christmas Tree Farm, you saved us!

Jim became our new vendor. He also became our new long term partner. Jim Beck has been a community hero for decades throughout Santa Cruz and Santa Clara Counties. To say we were fortunate to find Jim is an understatement. We found our new vendor, a new partner, and I am proud to say, a great friend, in Jim. Now the future of One Giving Tree is brighter than ever. Our sincere thanks to Jim!

Thank you also to Sebastian Safari, our young Tech Wizard who whipped up our website in mere hours, and revved up our logos and print materials. Of course, we could not have gotten it done without the help and back breaking efforts of Aaron Brock, our Superstar volunteer of the season. Jonathan Gonzalez has been here from the beginning, and delivered once again in a big way. Thank you to my amazing wife Deb Sanchez, who took One Giving Tree to a new level by bringing her talents and gifts to the table. And a huge thank you to all of you. You supported us, encouraged us, and donated to this simple but spectacular cause when we needed you the most. We did it!

115 Christmas trees and tree stands. 115 ornament kits. 115 amazed families. Countless happy kids. Countless happy parents. Countless blessings. To us, this year's project and your support could not have counted more.

Thank you!

Now its on to the planning stages for Christmas 2017. But don't worry - we're giving you all a break... for now. I hope and pray your year is filled with much happiness, health and success! I cannot say this enough - Thank you!

Mike Sanchez,

Founder / Kid at Heart, One Giving Tree

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