Help us Reach One Hundred Trees!

Dear friends and family - As Christmas gets closer, we too get ever closer to our goal of providing One Hundred Christmas trees to local kids and their families. We are in the final push, the 4th quarter, the final two minutes of a hard fought contest.

We learned this week that there is a tree shortage throughout the industry. We learned that tree prices are higher than they were last year, and there is no room for negotiations with our past partners as in prior years. We learned that those darn little plastic tree stands are also much more expensive than last year. And we learned that our "go to" places... well, they're not our "go to" places anymore.

Tough week. But we are tougher. We have a vision to make the holidays brighter for local kids and their families.We have a hope and a resilience that will not die; the very things we strive to somehow instill in the lives we touch with our little tree drive. And, now, as of this week, we have new vendors, suppliers, and partners. We have new resources and new goals for this year, and for the future. We have the faith of a child and the hope of a parent.

Tonight, we are asking for your help. In order for us to meet our goal of One Hundred Christmas trees, we are asking to to consider a donation of any amount. $25 will provide a tree. $10 will provide one of those darn little plastic tree stands. And $5 will provide enough ornaments for our families to decorate their trees. A donation of any amount will help in more ways than you could imagine.

We are close to our goal. We are close. Help us get over the goal line, sink the game winning shot, win one for the home team. Help us spread the good. We appreciate your hard earned donation of any amount. And from the bottom of our hearts, thank you and Merry Christmas!

To make your tax deductible donation, go to: OneGivingTree/Donate

To learn all about us and what we do, please visit our webpage: OneGivingTree

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