The A Team 2016
What were we thinking?
Somehow this rag tag bunch cut, hauled and delivered 112 trees!Mike Sanchez, Debbi Sanchez, Jonathan Gonzalez, Brock Davis.
Brock in Action
...someone had to take all the pictures!.
Jonathan in Action
how many trees?.
Deb working it
Mike taking pictures! LOL.
We're gonna need a bigger truck
D-Day 2016 at Old Summit Christmas Tree Farm. Deb out worked me... again.
Full of Energy... But it's Early
112 trees to go!
Salvador the Man!
He cut every tree, and smiled the whole time! Amazing man!
D-Day at Community Solutions
Hats off to the CS crew for all their hard work!
Lots of trees and stands!
So many trees....
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Hard Working Girl
Debbi loading up the first truck at Old Summit Tree Farm
A Patchen Morning
Morning breaking through the fog at Patchen Tree Farm
Rare photo: Mike Working!
Compliments to whomever took this rare photo of Mike doing something!
CS Crew - Ironmen
Our hats off to the Community Solutions Crew. We could not do this without them!
No Worries, I'm Trained!
Tireless help from Community Solutions Maintenance Crew!
Deb Setting Up the Decor Kits
At Community Solutions on D-Day. Still Smiling!
Just a Few of Our Trees
Cut, hauled, wrapped, loaded, unloaded, unwrapped, cut again, add stands... who's idea was this?
Getting Started
Its amazing what can get done in one day...
Brock the Tree Net Guy
Mad skills displayed LOL.
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